About our WTS Certified Trichologist

hair a go-go's founder, Elizabeth Kincaid, began her studies in Trichology in 2017. Trichology is the paramedical blending of dermatology and hairdressing focused on the hair and the scalp. In 2018, she became a Hair Coach through Dr. Alan Bauman's program at Bauman Medical in Boca Raton, FL. She continued her training and became a Hair Practitioner through the International Association of Trichologists in 2019. She is now a Certified Trichologist through the World Trichology Society. 

In 2020, Elizabeth began work on a private treatment area within hair a go-go allowing her to work with clients that are experiencing all types of hair loss and scalp disorders. As a Certified Trichologist, she is able to analyze, treat and recommend solutions for these issues. Her passion is helping people grow better hair through a combination of services and products we offer here. She has worked to exclusively partner with several companies that provide the best Trichological products available. 

Elizabeth's focus is re-growing hair and this starts with a Tricotest. During this assessment she determines the best options for each individuals personal recommendations creating the optimum environment for hair growth and scalp health. She also utilizes instant epigenetic testing through our HFA-Hair Follicle Assessment test adding the nutritional component to the health of your hair, skin & nails. After the health of the scalp is determined she may recommend doing a series of TED Treatments  This is the newest non-invasive way to stop shedding, stimulate new hair growth and improve density. It is truly amazing! 

Recently, she has began working exclusively with the premier CNC Systems for women from Cesare Regazzi. This is an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically-tested, full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair seamlessly. She can also assist clients with custom human hair toppers & wigs and also offers cutting, coloring & adjustments to these pieces for personalization. 

Clients often ask, when should I do something about this thinning hair or their  scalp issues? The answer is now. Everyday you wait is a day too late.

Schedule a Tricotest and learn how she can help you today!