Hair Loss Services

Hair Loss Consultation

Want some ideas about what can be done with your thinning hair? This 30 minute consultation allows you an opportunity to learn about the services we offer and ask questions about your personal hair loss issues. There is a $30 fee with $10 towards product purchases. Book this service when your are not sure where to start on your journey to better hair. 


Exclusively at hair a go-go Treatment we are now offering Cesare Ragazzi's Tricotest. During this appointment your hair and scalp will be analyzed using instruments which measure sebum, hydration and pH levels of the scalp. Measurements of the hairline will be taken and high-quality photos using different degrees of magnification & lights will be processed to determine the correct CRLAB protocol of trichological products recommended. This snapshot of what's happening on your scalp can be referred back to over subsequent visits to compare the results of these recommended treatments. Tricotests can be done at any age to help in understanding why scalp health matters so much. $75

Hair Follicle Assessment

When you are ready to deep dive into better hair, skin & nails this is the service for you. Receive the past 90 days worth of data contained in a single hair strand. Key indicators such as vitamin deficiencies, gut imbalances, work influences, system stressors, and food intolerances, are all identified to see what is an underlying factor for your system. You receive a personalized report with recommendations that specifically address each issue to take home after reviewing the results. $250

(Please note: This assessment does not use hair strand analysis and is not used for drug testing.)