Meet Our Team Members
Thank you for visiting our website and checking out our awesome staff. We have great stylists to choose from and it's important to find the stylist that fits your personal needs. Please feel free to try out different stylists in the salon because it's so nice having multiple people to choose from that understand your hair and fit your schedule. We have worked very hard at creating a non-competitive supportive environment in which we all work together. We keep all of your hair color/service records in our computer system and we are all trained in an advanced French method of cutting blended with English texturizing techniques. Each stylist will bring their own personal style and influences to your visit as well. We look forward to meeting you & spending years making you look amazing! 

Elizabeth Kincaid

Owner/ IAT Hair Practitioner
Stylist 1993-Present
Owner 2004-Present
IAT Hair Practitioner 2018-Present

Fun Fact: I'm working on becoming a Certified Trichologist to help everyone with scalp issues & re-growing hair. 

Favorite Thing About Doing Hair: 
All of it! I love making people feel great and putting smiles on faces. And now learning how to help people grow hair & makeover scalps, it's taking this sense of satisfaction to another level.  

Lisa Barnes

Salon Manager
Experience: 2013-Present 

Fun Fact: I love the outdoors & I'm very spontaneous. 

Favorite Thing At go-go: Talking to clients, I love to chat!

Alexis Grass

Salon Coordinator
Experience: 2018 - Present 

Fun Fact: Senior Studying Marketing at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga 

Favorite Thing At go-go: Watching the amazing stylists transform their clients hair! 

Elisabeth Dupee

Salon Coordinator
Experience: 2020-present 

Fun Fact: I'm about to get married in November! 

Favorite Thing At go-go:  Working with our awesome clients & getting to learn about hair while I'm in school.  

Becca Young

Experience: 2017-Present 

Fun Fact: I grew up in San Diego!

Favorite Thing About Doing Hair: 
I love getting to show my artistic skills, and giving people a natural lived in blonde moment!

Chris Williams

Artistic Stylist
Experience: 2007 - Present 

Fun Fact: When I'm not at the salon I am out adventuring!

Favorite Thing About Doing Hair: 

Mia Ivey

Senior Stylist
Experience: 2017 - Present

Fun Fact: I adopted two cats this past year!

Favorite Thing About Doing Hair:
I love building a relationship with each and every client. I especially love blonding out and creating natural red heads!

Brittany Smith

Experience: 2017 -Present

Fun Fact: Loves funky earrings and anime!

Favorite Thing About Doing Facials: Educating People and helping them understand how to get beautiful, glowing skin!
Favorite thing about doing hair: Giving people an edgy style that really brings out their personality!

Michaela Rogers

Experience: 2018 - Present

Fun Fact: I come from a long line of hair stylists, I have been around it my whole life!

Favorite Thing About Doing Hair: 
I love meeting all kinds of people! My specialty is a natural beachy vibe. 

Kaylee Reece

Experience: 2020 - Present 

Fun fact: I have a dog named Jonas, and she has an Instagram account. @rollinwithjonas!

Favorite thing about doing hair: I love constantly learning the best techniques out there!
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